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Riverkings sign standout indoor veteran kicker Cody Barber

Riverkings sign standout indoor veteran kicker Cody Barber

Join us in welcoming the newest member of the Cedar Rapids River Kings, Cody Barber - the game-changing 6'1" and 200lb American football kicker! Get ready for an electrifying season like no other as we introduce you to our newest star.

Precision Personified: Cody Barber's name is synonymous with precision. He's not just a kicker; he's an artist with the ball, ensuring every kick is a masterpiece.

Strength and Accuracy: When Cody lines up for a kick, you can expect a perfect blend of strength and accuracy. He's the secret weapon behind our points on the scoreboard.

Creating History: Barber is not just joining the River Kings; he's here to make history. Get ready for some thrilling moments as we witness his incredible talents in action.

Chasing Glory: Every season is a pursuit of glory, and with Cody in the squad, our chances just got even brighter. Join us as we strive for that championship.

Get Behind the Kick: As we embark on this exhilarating journey with Cody Barber, let's unite our voices and cheer for every soaring kick that brings us closer to victory!

Cody Barber is more than a kicker; he's a game-changer. Get ready for a season filled with nail-biting moments and thrilling kicks.
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