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Mission Statement

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The Mission Statement of American Indoor Football (AIF):

"The mission of American Indoor Football is to provide a vision necessary for independently owned member league teams to become successful in the operation of an Indoor style of Football. The league aims to offer a unique and exciting style of play that will attract fans and communities across the United States.

The AIF seeks to provide a platform for professional athletes to advance their playing careers, particularly in the indoor football format. The league follows rules similar to the Arena style of play, creating an environment for elite talent to develop and showcase their skills.

Fairness, equality, and team cooperation are valued within the AIF. The league aims to treat all associated organizations and teams fairly and equally, fostering an environment of collaboration among its members. Unlike other leagues that have focused on rapid expansion, the AIF prioritizes regionalized play to keep costs low, enabling team owners to optimize their operating capital.

The AIF's operations and decision-making processes involve league ownership, management, and participation from owners and executives of member teams who serve on the AIF Executive and Standards Committees."

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